Better Angels

"...all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." ---Abraham Lincoln, First Innaugural Address

Friday, May 14, 2004

In Which Doubts are Cast Upon the Veracity of Barbara's Tale

Barbara Bradley Hagerty wrote a little essay for Spring 2002 Issue of Success Factors, a magazine put out by Priority Associates...which turns out to be a "mission" of Campus Crusade for Christ. (though you'd never know that from looking at the Priority Homepage.)

In the article, Hagerty writes:
I had the privilege of breaking the story on Cassie Brunell (sic) in the Columbine, Colorado shooting. It was emotionally very intense. I’ve never seen that much grief and to be working 18 hours a day and trying to bring some sense of meaning to what appeared to be such a meaningless tragedy was incredible. It really did challenge my faith. But I saw God’s hand at work there in terms of how a tragedy turned kids to God. It was a very powerful time. I felt like that was why I was at NPR

This is all very nice, except as far as LexisNexis and I can determine, Carla Crowder of the Rocky Mountain News published this story on 4/23/99, the day before Hagerty mentioned it on All Things Considered". (The Lexis file indicates that Crowder's story was filed on 4/22/99.)

And on 4/21, Larry King spoke with Columbine student Mickie Cain, who spoke of her friend "Kathy" who "totally stood up for God."

Most interesting in all of this is the fact that the myth of Cassie Bernall had been pretty much debunked by the fall of 1999, yet the story is still a source of inspiration for many, and for Hagerty, a sign that God wants her to be at NPR.